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The Opium Equation - A Cat Enright Mystery by Lisa Wysocky

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Review by Cindy R. Williams

Before I review The Opium Equation - A Cat Enright Mystery by Lisa Wysocky, let me give you the blurb and some shout outs from the back of the book.

A horse trainer, retired move star, juvenile delinquent, song-writer, eccentric client of a certain age with electric blue hair, and a (possibly) psychic horse lead this Southern equestrian mystery into a fast paced, lightly comic read. Lisa Wysocky is an exciting new voice in mystery fiction.

Praise for The Opium Equation
  • "From the first page to the last, The Opium Equation will keep you engaged and wanting more, horse lover or not."     Glenn the Geek, founder, Horse Radio Network.
  • "Great edge-of-your-seat story! Who's a friend? Who's and enemy? Only the river knows."
Chuck Dauphin, The Dauphin Files
  • "The Opium Equation engaged me at every turn of the page. I highly recommend it as a classic mystery based in a realistic horse world."     Geoff Tucker DVM
  • "As usual, Lisa Wysocky writes with skill and nearly unparalleled knowledge of the equines she dearly loves. Here, she kicks it u a notch in a page-turning mystery that keeps you riveted."   Tess Vanattia, publisher, Horse South
Although I'm named after his favorite horse, Cindy, I don't consider myself an equestrian. There was allot of info about horses, most interesting throughout the book. Many chapters end with a horse tip from Cat, the lead character. Example: 
  • Cat's Horse Tip #3  "Horses hear and smell things that humans physically can't." 
  • Cat's Horse Tip #5  "The safest way to lead a horse through a gate is to push the gate the same direction you are going." 
  • Cat's Horse Tip #13  "A bad attitude is the first sign a horse is sore or hurting."
Good common sense right? Pretty much for horse or human, and life is general. Lots of good insight.

The main character, Cat, is a likable single lady making her way as a horse trainer at her own stables she purchased with a small inheritance.  She has a big heart and the local ten year old riff-raff, Bubba, often finds his way into her neck of the woods. When a murder of a famous Hollywood star upsets business or . . . trotting as usual, mystery and intrigue set in. Soon Bubba is missing, presumed either kidnapped or dead and things continue to spiral with many twists and turns.

Cat is one tough lady, yet a marshmallow inside. Her understanding of horses relates to the world around her. My favorite character is Agnes Temple. She is a kook. She thinks that one of her horses is physic, and by the end of the story, I agree.

The Opium Equation was Honored with a Mom's Choice Awards. Because of this, I was a bit surprised by the sprinkling of cuss words. I know tweens and teens hear foul language at school and become accustomed to it. The taking of the Lord's name in vain is uncomfortable for many.

Lisa Wysocky is an award winning author, editor, clinician, riding instructor, and a horsewoman who helps humans grow through horses. She is also a PAT International instructor who trains horses for therapeutic riding and other equine assisted activities and therapies. Lisa is available for book signings, speaking engagements, and equestrian clinics. For more information see or contact

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