Monday, October 4, 2010

Eat, Write and Be Merry For Tomorrow We Sleep!

by Cindy R. Williams

Eat, write and be merry for tomorrow we sleep. Do you live your life like this sometimes? Do you have writing jags that keep you flying and you stay up most of the night? Maybe you are in the re-writing stage, the editing stage. the proofing stage. No matter what stage, it can happen.

I'm guilty. Sometimes the world revolves around my manuscript. I have decided it is NOT good. Oh, once in a great while it's okay, but for the most part NOT! I believe it's possible to go off the deep end if we don't learn to balance the writing life. It's far healthier for mind, body, emotions and spirit to live with a good dose of the staples of life. "Moderation of all things" is my new motto.

Read up on some of the big name authors, and you'll find that many of them plant themselves in their chair anywhere from two to eight hours a day, on a regular basis. They respect their writing and treat it as a job. Then they STOP! They enjoy the other wonderful things in their lives.

Sounds like a plan, a good plan. No need to sacrifice all sanity nor my lovely family. It can all work together with moderation in all things.