Friday, November 25, 2011

Bitter Blessings - a novel - Christine Mehring

Review by Cindy R. Williams

The clock in the kitchen pounded out the seconds, and the neighbor's wind chimes clanged their chaotic melody until I thought my brain would explode, and then, finally, Gram said, "There was an accident on the highway this afternoon. Your mother was in it."
And the world collapsed around me . . . again.

After the death of her mother, everything seems to spin out of control for Megan. taking care of her grandmother--who refuses to received help from anyone--and her two younger sisters, Megan must depend on her best friend Adam to get through these hard times. But when she discovers an old family secret, Megan must choose between trusting her family and following what her heart tells her to be true. Thought-provoking and heartfelt, this debut novel shows that the power of love brings the best blessing even during the bitterest trials.

This back of the book sure caught my attention.  I finished it in a few hours. My heart went out to most of the characters. Mahring is able to paint a complete picture of a troubled family. She gives the reader a sense of the raw emotions a teen feels as she faces life. Her writing is brave in that she doesn't gloss things over nor does she sugar coat the issues.

Thank you Christine Mehring for this heart-felt and gut check novel.  Well worth the read.

Writers Mirror gives Bitter Blessings 9 Stars!

Bitter Blessings - a novel  by Christine Mehring is published by Bonneville Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Assassination of Governor Boggs by Rod Miller

The title alone caught my attention. It tweaks the interest of history buffs and members of the LDS Church. Everything known about Governor Lilburn Boggs speaks of controversy. Often referred to by early members of the Church as one of the most evil men and a definite thorn in the side of Mormons, Boggs was directly and/or indirectly responsible for the deaths of many early Saints; men, women and children.

Boggs is most famous for his extermination order of the Mormons on October 27, 1838, during the time he served as Governor of Missouri.

Author Rod Miller creates a novel based around Mr. Progue, a Pinkerton Detective, hired by the Bill Boggs, the son of Governor Boggs.  Progue was hired to find out the truth whether Orrin Porter Rockwell, the notorious body guard of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and later, President Brigham Young was guilty of the assassination attempt. Note, Governor Boggs did not die from the gun shot through his parlor window, although three balls entered his head and one his throat. He lived another 18 or so years, most of them in California after his term as Governor ended.

Miller sets the story about 25 years after the assassination attempt. It is told through Progue as he travels around the country interviewing eye anyone who he can find that was either around during that time or reading old reports, newspaper clippings and records. Progue also interviews Orrin Porter Rockwell himself, and various parts of that interview are interspersed throughout the book.

Miller does an excellent job of taking the reader on a tour of the hardships the Saints suffered at the hands of Bogg from the eyes of the neutral character, Progue. He includes a visit with "Wild Bill", Emma Smith Bidamon and even President Brigham Young.

Miller, "Born and raised in a small town in Utah, around horses and cattle, and a veteran of the rodeo arena, he comes by his love of the West and its history, culture, and people honestly."This is explains the feeling of reality conveyed in the book about the life on the frontier in the 1800's. Miller has a knack for making the wild west come alive.

Did Orrin Porter Rockwell shoot Governor Lilburn Boggs? That is the premise of the entire novel as you journey through the history.

It is a good read, and you will have to make up your own mind as to what really happened after you travel the dusty trails with a Pinkerton Detective.

Writers Mirror gives The Assassination of Governor Boggs by Rod Miller 9 stars out of 10. A book defiantly worth reading.

Check out more about Rod Miller and his books at:

To purchase your own copy, Click Here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Outer Edge of Heaven, A Love Story

Cindy R. Williams

The Outer Edge of Heaven, A Love Story, by Jaclyn M. Hawkes was a fun read. Every once in awhile you come across that book that makes you want to read late into the night, and this is one of them.

Here's the back blurb:

Montana truly is heavenly. 
Especially those handsome cowboys.

Her parents want a clout wielding attorney, safely enthroned in an appropriately high end Mercedes sedan and a tailored business suit. She just wants to teach kindergarten.
     When her "all-powerful" parents actually choose her future husband, who just happens to be a divorce lawyer named Elroy, Charlie opts out and heads for the Big Sky Country.  After all, who marries a divorce lawyer?  She and her best friend Fo, who have been buddies since the third grade, go to work on his cousin's sprawling ranch in the heart of the Montana Rockies.
     Filled with colorful characters of all shapes, sizes and species, including an orphaned baby pig, most of the Langston family put the fun in dysfunctional, -give or take a couple of black sheep.  There's one in every family, isn't there? Add to that glorious scenery, a horse of her own, and one extremely attractive cousin rancher, Luke Langston, and it makes for a summer never to be forgotten.  Which might not be a good ting. She has the time of her life, but her heart may never recover.

Hawkes does a nice job developing likable lead characters and a few characters that make you squirm. Charlie is in quite a predicament. Does she please her parents by living the life they plan for her and give up her personal happiness and dreams or does she break out and catch her destiny?  I will leave that for you to discover in this well written adventurous love story.

Writers Mirror gives a perfect TEN STARS out of ten for The Outer Edge of Heaven, A Love Story.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

FALL by Jennifer Hurst

by Cindy R. Williams
(*Note, Keep reading and find a contest --highlighted in green --offered by the author, Jennifer Hurst)

Back blurb of FALL:

Women and construction shouldn't mix. At least, that is what the client; Mr. Blackwell thinks when Twenty-one year old Julia D. Halstead is promoted to project manager to remodel a turn-of the century schoolhouse into a bed and breakfast. However, the schoolhouse contains a dark secret that has been hidden for nearly a hundred years. A secret that will unleash the furies of Hell and cause the Angels in Heaven to weep as ethereal brothers, Matthew and Nathan battle over Julia's very soul.

I married into  family of civil engineers. When I first met my husband, I thought engineers wore puffy blue and white striped hats, overalls and tooted horns on trains. Not so, civil engineers design streets, underground facilities, roads, bridges, parking lots and the ground levels for buildings, and housing developments, etc.  They do all the design before construction takes place. Living around engineers gives me insight into the lead character's career. The author nails it. Julia, or JD, is working in a traditional man's world. According to the author bio, Hurst, herself, retired from the construction industry. She knows her stuff.

Now, having given credibility to the technical aspects of the novel, let's move to the characters. JD is a good strong female lead, smart, hard working with a drive to prove herself, too naive, not the best choice in men, not the most logical female. Hurst gives her plenty of strengths and the flaws that make her human.

The setting is in more toward the southern end of Utah. Hurst paints nice word pictures of the red rock canyons and surrounding area.

Hurst weaves in the folk lore of Butch Cassidy aka Robert LeRoy Parker, who apparently helped the people in that area and was a real good guy other than his little side job of robbing stage coaches and trains.

Several times I actually got the chills from some pretty evil bad guys. I was glad I didn't read those parts on a dark and stormy night.

I don't want to give the story away, nor some of the surprise twists, but I will say  The books ending lends itself to a sequel.

Get your own copy of the book at and visit Jennifer Hurst at

In conjunction with this blog tour, Jennifer is holding a contest.  It will involve any of the blogs that Jennifer visits or where her book is featured and will close on December 31st, 2011. The entrants have to answer three questions about the book they’ve read (bought, borrowed, or stolen - shame on you) and post a link to Jennifer's website on their Twitter, Facebook, or blog (need link for verification).

Then the names will be entered in a random name picker generator ( and announced on Jennifer's website ( on January 31st, 2012. The winner will receive a gift certificate for a night’s stay at the actual bed and breakfast where the story takes place.

Other prizes include an autographed copy of FALL, and she will randomly select 3 contestants’ names to use in the sequel to FALL. Plus, they will receive a free copy of that book when it is published.

Each blog that Jennifer Hurst visits will have a different set of questions people can answer, and they may enter as many times as they want - but they can enter once per blog site that they visit. So the more sites you visit, the more you can enter your name, thus increasing your chances of winning the gift certificate, a copy of the book FALL, and your name in the sequel.

 Get the book, read the book, and then read over the questions below.  Once you have your answers, e-mail them to Jennifer.

 Your privacy is respected and your email address will NOT be used for anything but the contest.   Once the contest is over - your email address will be deleted from the database.

Here are the questions for you to answer:

Is Quabin a Male or a Female?

What is JD's favorite animal?
What was Drogo's supernatural gift to JD?

Also, come on a fun journey and see what other bloggers have to say about FALL by Jennifer Hurst. 

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Nichole Giles 
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspirational Quotes

by Cindy R. Williams

The following quotes can be tweaked to fit most areas, but please read them with your writing in mind.

"If it is to be, it is up to me." Many people

"Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." Christopher Parker

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." Colin Powell

"Quality is not an act. It is a habit." Arisotle

"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

"Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." Eleanor Roosevelt

"You don't get harmony when everyone sings the same note." Doug Floyd

These last three resonate with me big time. How about you?

"Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to." Source unknown.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretsky

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Hellen Keller

If you find one or two of these that fit where you are right now, please print them and place them on your mirror or somewhere to remind you that you CAN DO IT!

Monday, August 8, 2011

All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall

Book Review by Cindy R. Williams
I must say that the front cover fascinates me. Most of it is in browns and greens, not really too catchy, however, it has an embossed design placed on top of the colors that make it quite unique. It made me want to take a second look.

The back blurb is:

AN ENCOUNTER WITH a Mormon Missionary and his unusual message of a "restored gospel" leaves Richard Kenyon, a young Methodist minister, questioning his life's work when he cannot deny a growing testimony of this peculiar American religion. But Richard soon finds himself struggling to recognize the promised blessings of the gospel when violent persecution shakes the fledgling Church in Wales. 

I have ancestors from Wales, so that caught my interest. Also, I find it intriguing that a minister of another church, someone we assume knows religion, begins to understand and feel the spirit of truth. I want to know about this journey and if he is strong enough to follow the light.

It is said that a great first line leads to a great book. This may or may not be true, however, first lines of books do tell one allot about what to expect. The first line of the book told us the name of one of the important characters and that she was proud of her husband. Though not explosive, we have good information and I like her. The first chapter reveals a number of key players. We learn that the minister and his wife are good people--people you want to call friends. We also meet uppity characters like the minister's brother and his wife. Hall does well on creating characters we love, or love to hate.

Omniscient point of view, which means head hopping from Leah, to Richard, to Robert, to Leah, to Amelia, to Leah, to Amelia, to Richard . . . is somewhat confusing, but, the characters were strong enough to keep the story going.

Hall gives the reader an education in early trials of the Church in Wales. We usually hear about the Pioneers and how they were persecuted. Hall opens your eyes by creating a story that will touch your heart and increase your love and appreciation for those stalwart members all around the world.

Writers Mirror gives All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall 8 smiles on a scale of 1 - 10.  Well worth the read.

All That Was Promised is Vickie Hall's debut novel and is published by Bonneville Books, a Cedar Fort imprint.

All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harping and Writing

by Cindy R. Williams
Two of my favorite people, Tony and Joanni Judd, on their wedding day.

This is my magical harp, Arvilla. Did you know if you are the first owner of a harp, you have the privilege and responsibility of christening it with it's eternal name? Arvilla is the middle name of my favorite, and only dear mother. The name reminds me of vanilla, a yummy taste and a sublime smell. My mother doesn't like the name so much so it's fun to tease her a bit by using the name - not that I ever yanked her chain growing up or anything.

Playing the harp channels my muse and also calms my soul. I often play late at night in the dark. It's not like playing a trumpet so I don't wake anyone. If they do happen to stumble out of bed, they think they are hearing angels so it's all good.

I have found that writing harp music is pretty much the same process as writing stories. Sometimes the notes flow out and they sound wonderful, but other times, nothing comes. Nada, stone-cold dry. When that happens, I play whatever my heart desires and enjoy the lilting music that floats around the lofty ceiling. When nonsense or no sense comes out of my fingertips on the keyboard of my computer, I often dive into the pool and float on my back make cloud animals.

Just yesterday there were dragons swooping in and out of thunder clouds along with some slashes of lighting giving me two good reasons to slosh out the pool. The first and most important was to quickly jot down the dragon scene before it slipped away and the second reason was to avoid getting zapped by lightning. Maybe not in the correct order, but both important none the less.

The muse is a tricky little minx at best. I think I will try enticicing the muse with chocolate. Has this worked for anyone? What works for you?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch

Do you enjoy a well written escape into a sweet romance?  -- sweet meaning, clean romance. You will find it here in The Guise of a Gentleman by my friend, Donna Hatch. I remember when she read the first chapter to us at our American Night Writers Chapter meeting. It was fun to hear and a thrill to get to add thoughts to the questions she asked as she was in the polishing stages of the novel. Now, here I sit with the finished book in my hands, tickled pink for Donna.

Let's start with the cover. There is a skull and crossbones pirates flag in the top left corner. The top right has a handsome man and a lovely lady a half an inch from kissing. You see a close-up of the back of a lady standing on the shore looking out at one of those cool pirate ships with the sails furled.

A quote from a best selling author appears on the front which reads "A fine specimen of a pirate romance."  The quote is 100% correct. What a fun romp with pirates and a unique situation with a lovely and impossible romance with a pirate that is much more than he appears to be.

Donna weaves intrigue and romance with this great escape into a world of long ago. I 've heard Donna talk about all the research she did on pirates and how they lived and it shows. That's what makes this book such a great escape. Donna gets it right.

I give The Guise of a Gentleman TEN SMILES. Ten is the top of the rating system here on Writers Mirror.

To learn more about Donna Hatch and other books she has written go to:

The Guise of a Gentleman by Donna Hatch is available at:

Monday, July 11, 2011

The State of the Economy and What You Can Do About It

The state of today’s economy is insecure, causing concern in many people and fear in many others.  It used to be that we relied on our retirement income to see us through our golden years, but we now have to face the reality that we must take action to ensure our well-being in the future.  How do we go about this?  What steps do we take, where do we go, how do we know we’re doing it right?
Financial advisor John Hauserman, CFP®, has created a no-cost website as a tool for you to use on your financial journey.  This site features the amazing Planning Map, designed to help you think like a financial planner.  You can begin by setting up an account at no charge, complete with your zip code which will enable you to save your progress, but your information will never be sold or given away to any outside party. Or, if you prefer, simply skip registration with a single click. As you chart out your financial situation, you will never be asked for account numbers or personal information.

As you go through and create your personal profile, you’ll feel in control of your future—a sense of freedom and independence that perhaps has been missing since the economy went downhill. You will get the tools you need to help:

1.       View the financial planning process from the eyes of a CFP®   professional in a user-friendly format that most find easy to understand
2.       Get the whole story on various investment products, not just “the good stuff” that financial (snake oil?) sales folks talk about
3.       Find useful links to government and other helpful websites
4.       Identify if a financial advisor has been thorough in their duties
5.       Identify and avoid fraudulent advisors
6.       Make better financial decisions

You’re invited to stop by the RetirementQuest® website and see for yourself if this is a tool you can use.  Again, it’s no cost, and all you have to lose is your financial stress. Those who take action now will find themselves in a much better place later—why delay your future security? Plan ahead and be prepared.

Securities and advisory services are offered through Commonwealth Financial Network, member FINRA/SIPC. A Registered Investment Advisor.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wednesday Writer ~ Deirdra Eden Coppel

Author & Illustrator Deirdra Eden Koppel

CRW: When did you begin to write?
Deirdra:  I wrote the lyrics to my first song when I was four. I was standing on top of a playground slide so I was high enough I could look over a fence and see the sunset. It was so beautiful I just started singing. I felt inspired to write the song down. Later in my life that song was recognized and published. When I was fourteen one of my songs, “The Song of Freedom” was used as the theme song for a musical.

CRW: How wonderful. Sunsets inspire you to write. What else?
Deirdra:  Everything … especially trials. When life’s disasters happen now I just think “This would make a great scene.” A lot of times I work though my real life problems as my characters are working through theirs.

CRW: Do you try to write daily, and if so, do you set a goal of a certain number of words?
Deirdra: I write when I can. On my “normal” schedule I have eight hours a day blocked out for writing or illustrating. I have to be flexible because “normal” days are hard to come by. Sometimes I have to start my day at 4:00 A.M. to get my eight hours in. I don’t set word goals, I find myself checking how many words I’ve written instead of just writing.

CRW: What gets in your way of writing?
Deridra: Life. When I start to get down on myself or stressed I can’t write properly.

CRW: How do you get past it?
Deridra:  I read my scriptures, workout, sing and take vitamin B12. My husband is good about taking care of our kid so I can have “thinking time” where I sit and do nothing but think.

CRW: What makes you CRAZY about writing? Crazy good and crazy bad?
Deirdra:  The creative fairies whisper into my ear and keep me going. Unfortunately because they are fairies they don’t understand that I have to eat, sleep and maintain relationships with other humans.

CRW: I have triplet fairies flying around me all the time right now, so I know what you mean. Where is the strangest place you have ever worked on your book?
Deirdra:  I’ve written in a tree house, bath tub, quiet roof top and a medieval theme park.

CRW: How long does it take you to complete a book?
Deirdra:  It takes me three months to write a book. The first month I just write the raw story. The second month I go through and add more detail, fix POV and expand scenes. The third month I focus on editing and add things as I feel inspired. It takes me another three months to illustrate a book.

CRW: How wonderful that you have the talent to illustrate as well as write. Please tell us more about where you get your ideas?
Deirdra:  They strike me like how some people get struck with seizures. I could be looking at a jar of peanut butter in the store then suddenly a scene flashes across my mind and I start hearing dialogue. I get some of my ideas from dreams and from ancient scriptures, especially the Old Testament and Book of Revelations.

CRW: Where do you get your character’s names?
Deirdra:  Usually the Bible. Sometimes I will Google names and meanings. I will match a character to a name based on the meaning. I like to use a lot of symbolism.

CRW: What is your favorite writing food?
Deirdra:  Chocolate truffles. LOL. I love this question. Only another writer would ask me that.

CRW: So true. Okay, here comes the big question. Why are you a writer?
Deirdra:  I have to be. I can’t stop. If I stop I will start to die a slow and miserable death. I also feel that it is my own personal mission.

CRW: Agreed. Writing and creating in one way or another are in the blood. What do you think would be the best complement you could receive from a reader?
Deirdra:  I just hope the books I write will inspire people to do great things and help them as they face “Real Life” challenges.

CRW:  I had the opportunity to read a draft of  your "Knight of Light." The unique cover was illustrated by you as well. Were there really women Knights?
Deridra: Yes, Scotlyn, the Knightess in "Knight of Light" is based on a real Lady Knight. Her story is fascinating.

CRW: What is the name of the next project you are currently working on?
Deirdra: I’m on my second re-write of “Battle of the Twelve Tribes”.

CRW: Please tell us more about it.
Deirdra: This book is an epic allegory about preparedness, patients, humility, courage and friendship. There is a dragon, pixie and army of other magical creatures that come to the aid of a young man who is destined to be a king.

CRW:  I know you are available to do illustrations for books and other artwork. What else do you do?
Deirdra:  I create the art for book covers.  I also create the artwork for children's coloring books that go along with authors books.

CRW:  What' are your website and blog addies?
Deirdra: and

CRW:  What a pleasure to visit with you and get to know you better. Good luck on your writing and your artwork.
Deirdra:  Thank you for this opportunity, Cindy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Welcome to our 3rd Annual
“Summer Treasure Hunt: Dig for Clues and Win Contest!” A prize a day for the entire month of June.

You can send in one entry for each day’s prize, or only for those
prizes that strike your fancy. 

(1) Go to the website or blog indicated for each day, find the
answer to the question for that day, then email the answer with your name and
AND MAILING ADDRESS to No mailing list uses. All entries will be deleted at the end of the contest.

(2) Please send a separate entry for each day and type the day you
are entering in the subject line. (Such as: Summer Treasure Hunt, June 1;
Summer Treasure Hunt, etc).

(3) Deadline for each day: Midnight PST
(4) Winner will be announced on the day following the deadline.
*****All winners will be drawn by
Start sending in your entries right now for any day. And check back here each day between June 2nd – July 1st to read the names of the winners.  Questions? Please email Joyce DiPastena at
And now…let the treasure hunt begin!

June 1
SPONSOR: Canda Mortensen
PRIZE: A $25 Amazon gift certificate
QUESTION: What is the title and artist of the Princess song on
Newbie's playlist? (HINT: Scroll to the bottom of the blog and read “Newbie
Teaser”. Match the number of “Princess” with the same number on the Playlist
box (you may have to scroll down the playlist to find this, too). It will give
you the title and artist.)

WINNER: Melissa Brockett of Utah 

ANSWER:  "With You," by Chris Brown
June 2
SPONSOR: Jennifer Griffith
PRIZE: Delicious Conversation (LDS romance, an adaptation of Jane Austen's Persuasion,
set in a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City), by Jennifer Griffith

QUESTION: Name at least 5 kinds of candy I ate at the last
writers' conference I attended AND share YOUR favorite candy. (HINT: Read the
April 20, 2011 post. Click on April under the Blog Archive in the right hand

WINNER: Crystal Dotson of West Virginia

ANSWER:  Peanut Brittle, Good 'n Plenty, Hot Tamales, Mr. Goodbar, Hershey's Kisses . . .

June 3
SPONSOR: Peggy Urry
PRIZE: Choice of book: Villette by Charlotte Bronte, romance, paperback;
Airframe by Michael Crichton, thriller, paperback;
The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell, contemporary crime, paperback; or
TheMist of Quarry Harbor by Liz Adair, LDS romantic fiction, paperback; AND choice of Jelly Belly Gel Case for iPhone 3G/3GS or Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake Gel Case for iPod Touch.
QUESTION: What is the name of my Work In Progress (WIP)? (Hint:
It's the title of my March 12, 2011 post. Click on “March” under Blog Archive
in the left hand sidebar.)

WINNER:  Judy Cox of Louisiana
ANSWER:  "Bound"

June 4
SPONSOR: Danielle Thorne
PRIZE: Josette (sweet Regency romance, E-book) AND
Southern Girl, Yankee Roots (poetry), both by Danielle Thorne
QUESTION: Danielle supports what wildlife conservancy
organization? (HINT: See right hand column of website)

WINNER: Rachel Rossan of Connecticut
ANSWER:  The Sea Turtle Conservancy

June 5
SPONSOR: Bonnie Harris
PRIZE: Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set
QUESTION: What are the names of my two WIPs? (HINT: Scroll to the
bottom of the blog and click on “Work in Progress” under Labels)

WINNER: Taffy Lovell of Utah
ANSWER:  Encoded Secrets and Black Orchids

June 6
SPONSOR: Susan Kaye Quinn
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit (YA
love story), by Susan Kaye Quinn

QUESTION: How many days do David and Eliza have on the cruise
together, before they’re forced to go their separate ways? (HINT: Click on the
“About Me and My Books” tab and read the blurb for Life, Liberty, and Pursuit)

WINNER: LuAnn Morgan of Washington

June 7:
SPONSOR: Anne Bradshaw
PRIZE: True Miracles with Genealogy: Help from Beyond the Veil (non-fiction), by Anne Bradshaw – 1 print and 1 eBook – Print copy can be autographed. (Yes, there will be TWO
winners drawn for this prize)

QUESTION: Which TV station interviewed Anne?
(HINT: Answer is a short way down the middle column.)

WINNER:  Dee Bibb of Mississippi and Cynthia Peck of Arizona

June 8
SPONSOR: Cheri Schmidit
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Fateful (YA paranormal romance), by Cheri Schmidt
QUESTION: Who is the prince of darkness? (HINT: Click on “April”
under Blog Archive in the left hand sidebar and read the April 12, 2011 post)

WINNER:  Kristen Tucker of Arizona
ANSWER:  Lucas.

June 9
SPONSOR: Mary Fremont Schoenecker
PRIZE: Moonglade (a sweet cozy mystery, Book Two in the Maine Shore Chronicles series),
by Mary Fremont Schoenecker The prize is an autographed First Edition hard
cover print book.

QUESTION: What special skill does character Tante Margaret use that puts her in danger during Remi's murder investigation? (HINT: Click on the “About Her Books” tab and read the Publisher’s

WINNER:  Monica Knoll of New York
ANSWER:  Tante Margaret is clairvoyant

June 10
SPONSOR: Shaunna Gonzales
PRIZE: FREE edit and/or critique of first 50 pages
QUESTION: What do his lips taste like? (Hint: click on “Sizzling
Kiss” under Post Subjects in the left hand sidebar)

WINNER:  Nicole Zoltack of Pennsylvania
ANSWER:  Gingerbread and milk.

June 11
SPONSOR: Donna Hatch
PRIZE: The Stranger She Married (Regency romance), by Donna Hatch
QUESTION: What poses the greatest danger to Alicia’s heart? (HINT:
Scroll down underneath the book cover of The Stranger She Married, and read the paragraph directly below.


WINNER:  Amy Wheelwright of Washington
ANSWER:  Learning to love the stranger she married.

June 12
SPONSOR: Cindy R. Williams & Planet Play Productions, LLC.
PRIZE: Award winning glossy cover children’s snuggle, giggle picture book,
Chase McKay Didn’t Get Up Today,
signed by the author and the real Chase McKay.
QUESTION: What is the name of the dragon in the upcoming fantasy,
Thundertail’s Tale: The Legend? (HINT: click on the Blog tab)

WINNER:  Andrea Melton of Kentucky
ANSWER:  Sparkin

June 13
SPONSOR: Larry Hammersley
PRIZE: Motorcycle Woman (sweet contemporary romance, E-book), by Larry Hammersley
QUESTION: What kind of motorcycle does Tess, the motorcycle woman,ride?
(HINT: Read blog post “Motorcycle Woman at Red Rose Publishing”, May 5, 2011)
WINNER:  Shannon Johnson of Illinois
ANSWER:  Harley Davidson Sportster

June 14
SPONSOR: Cheryl Cory
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Must've Done Something Good
(romantic comedy), by Cheryl Cory
QUESTION: What is Sylvie's all-time favorite movie? (HINT: Click
on the "Info" link in the left-hand column)

WINNER:  Tarrah Montgomery of Arizona
ANSWER:  The Sound of Music.

June 15
SPONSOR: Valerie Ipson
PRIZE: $15 Gift Certificate for Vinyl Lettering  (
QUESTION: What is Valerie's writing goal for 2011? 
(HINT: Look in the right hand sidebar)
WINNER:  Kristen Tucker of Arizona
ANSWER:  To pitch the book.
June 16
SPONSOR: Joyce DiPastena
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Loyalty’s Web (sweet medieval romance), by Joyce DiPastena
QUESTION: How do people win Joyce’s “Light Bulb Award”?
(HINT: Answer is found in the right hand column of the blog.)
WINNER:  Susan Arroyo
ANSWER:  Wednesday Romances

June 17
SPONSOR: Danyelle Ferguson
PRIZE: Autograhed copy of (dis)Abilities and the Gospel: How to Bring People with Special Needs Closer to Christ (non-fiction/self-help) by Danyelle Ferguson & Lynn Parsons, M.S.)
non-fiction/self-help, autographed book
QUESTION: What is the name of the non-profit Danyelle co-founded?
(HINT: Check out Danyelle's author bio)

WINNER: Amber Nielson of Vermont
ANSWER:  Friends of GIANT Steps

June 18
SPONSOR: Teresa Thomas Bohannon
PRIZE: A Very Merry Chase (Regency Romance novel),
by Theresa Thomas Bohannon. Winner's Choice: PDF with personalized dedication,
or Ebook format for Kindle or Epub format for Nook.
(HINT: Read “A Very Merry Chase Excerpt” under
“A Very Merry Chase” in the right hand sidebar)
QUESTION: What did Lady Bethany do and why?
WINNER:  Gayle Humpherys of Texas
ANSWER:  Lady Bethany, shocked absoluetly to the core of her gentle soul, could take no more and swooned dead away . . . because Sabrina slapped the hieghwaymand and cursed.

June 19
SPONSOR: Diane Daniels
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Over The Moon
(YA fantasy romance, print copy), by Diane Daniels
QUESTION: Who is Andrew's evil x-girlfriend, Sonya, named after?
(HINT: Read the May 14, 2011 blog entry)

WINNER:  Megan Swanson of California
ANSWER:  Sonya is named after my wicked orange cat who died last summer.
June 20
SPONSOR: Margaret Larsen Turley
PRIZE: critique for up to 5000 words
QUESTION: Margaret Larsen Turley is administrator for  what  writing group? They hold fund-raising events for Cancer Research.
(HINT: You’ll find the answer in one of her website tabs)
WINNER:  Rachel Rossano of Connecticut
ANSWER:  Writers Unite to Fight Cancer
June 21
SPONSOR: Anna Arnett
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Lolly's Yarn: a memoir (older YA to adult),
by Anna Arnett, with a hand-crocheted bookmark
QUESTION: What was the verdict regarding Anna's radar photo
speeding ticket?

(HINT: Click on the Blogs tab and read “I Fought the Law and Guess Who Won?”
WINNER:  Debbie Roberts of Pennsylvania
ANSWER:  No defininition of "reasonable and prudent" or "Case dismissed," or "You may go now."

June 22
SPONSOR: Rachel Rager
PRIZE: Wednesday Romances - romance (obviously), ebook, by Rachel Rager.
This is a compaliation of three different love stories --all sweet romances.
A Season for Love, The Tiger Unleashed, and The Feather Kiss.
QUESTION: Every week I have post a new chapter of a book on my
blog. What are these posts called?

(Hint: These posts are featured every Wednesday.)
WINNER:  Barbara Hightower of South Carolina
ANSWER:  By helping her solve a particularly knotty problem with her WIP.
June 23
SPONSOR: C. Michelle Jefferies
PRIZE: 52 page hand-sewn weekly planner, with ribbon bookmark.
QUESTION: What rank is Michelle in martial arts? (HINT: Look in
right hand sidebar under “MY TANG SOO DO PROGRESS”)

WINNER:  Jennifer Hernandez of North Carolina
ANSWER:  Red belt

June 24
SPONSOR: Valerie J. Steimle
PRIZE: Choice of two books:  Home Is Where The Learning Is
(homeschool how-to book, non-fiction; autographed print copy) OR
Dogs, Blogs and Hobbits: Writings from a Widows Perspective ---(non-fiction
articles about everything from being single and single moms to inspirational
stories; autographed print copy), both by Valerie J. Steimle

QUESTION: How many children does Valerie have? (HINT: Look in the
right hand column in "About Me")

WINNER:  Amy Lopez of Arizona

June 25
SPONSOR: Karen Adair
PRIZE: Crocheted Book Tote with matching cell phone case.
QUESTION: What commenter recently called me (Karen) "The
Queen of Sugar Land?" (HINT: Select “January 2011” under Archives and read
the COMMENTS on Karen’s January 6, 2011 post on “The 20 Minute Sprint”)

WINNER:  Sheil Heather Marinez of California
ANSWER:  Shannon Hale

June 26
SPONSOR: Jaimey Grant (
and/or TreasureLine Books & Publishing (

PRIZE: Winner's choice of 1 of 5 Regency romance eBooks by Jaimey
Grant (Honor, Betrayal, Deception, Spellbound, or Redemption. Please note: Honor

contains some marital "heat".)
QUESTION: Which of Jaimey's previously self-published titles has
recently been picked up by a publisher?

(HINT: Click the "Purchasing Options" tab)
WINNER:  Dara Roberts of Pennsylvania
ANSWER:  Heartless
June 27
SPONSOR: Heidi Murphy
PRIZE: Autographed copy of Small Deceptions
(sweet Regency/Georgian romance), by H. Linn Murphy
QUESTION: In what country is the bridge found over which 'we' were
fighting? (HINT: Find “Blog Archive” in the right hand sidebar, click on April
and read the post titled: “The Far Bridge”)

WINNER:  Brenda Child of Utah
ANSWER:  France
June 28
SPONSOR: Kenneth Rosenberg
PRIZE: One e-book copy of my new romantic comedy,
Sweet Ophelia and the Tinseltown Blues, any format
QUESTION: What instrument does the character Warren August play?
(HINT: Click on the cover image for Sweet Ophelia and the Tinseltown Blues.

Read the first few paragraphs ofthe excerpt.)
WINNER:  Susan G. Haws of Arizona
ANSWER:  Saxophone

June 29
SPONSOR: Michael Young
PRIZE: Autographed copy of The Last Archangel
(YA Urban Fantasy, print copy - Release date July 14th)
QUESTION: What is the name of the fallen angel who is the main
character in "The Last Archangel"? (HINT: Click on the Reviews tab.
Frank Cole thinks this character “rocks!”

WINNER:  Marie Kacerosky of Florida
ANSWER:  Xandir
June 30
SPONSOR: Joan Sowards
PRIZE: The Star Prophecy: a Book of Mormon Adventure (LDS novel), by Joan Sowards
QUESTION: Why do Enoch and his friends sail to Jerusalem? (HINT:
Read the blurb under The Star Prophecybook cover in the right hand column of the blog)

WINNER:  Jessica Tidd of California
ANSWER:  To find the Christ child