Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MILLION DOLLAR DIVA by Tristi Pinkston, Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap

by Cindy R. Williams

MILLION DOLLAR DIVA, The Smart Woman's Guided to Getting Rich Safely is a finance book for women (now don't roll your eyes.) It's not dull, dry or boring. It's a book that will help EVERYONE get on top of their finances, written specifically for women, and with the friendly voice of Tristi Pinkston. Reading this book is like sitting on a cushy couch visiting with a good friend you can trust to give you good advice. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Tristi, you know she is an incredibly warm and personable lady. Her style is the same.  

Before I share more about the book with you, I want to let you know about the incredible offer. If you go to www.milliondollardiva.com, you can get a free copy of the book for only $5.95 shipping and handling. This offer only goes until June 15th. (The book is regularly $14.95, so don't miss out on the free book offer before June 15th.)

This book is unique because you can also follow Tristi's continuing success on the blog portion of the site listed above.

Now a bit more info. When asked to blog about the new book MILLION DOLLAR DIVA, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn't want to get a handle on their finances?

The book contains:
  • A 5-step, simple, safe, and predictable process to change living paycheck-to-paycheck to enjoying wealth and security.
  • How to give yourself a $400 per month raise without asking the boss or working a minute of overtime.
  • "Spend Like  a Diva." How to have anything your want--nice vacations, eating out, trips to the mall. It's all part of the plan.
  • The secret formula of how to completely eliminate your debt in 1/3 the time and save tens of thousands on interest costs in the process. You'll see why all the TV gurus are wrong!
  • 5 Million-Dollar_Diva investing strategies that will grow your money safely and predictably every year, without the guesswork.
  • Plus! Discover the key to stop fighting and quarreling with your spouse about money forever!

 Here is how the book came about according to Tristi Pinkston.

Last fall, I was contacted by two financial gurus, Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap, who asked me if I would co-author a book on finances for women with them. (I’m the token woman.) J As we laid out the ideas for the book, we hit upon sheer brilliance (at least I think so, but it was my idea, so I’m entitled to be biased). Rather than just writing a book about finances, these guys sat down with me and worked me through their system, helped me get started on my path to getting out of debt, and then we wrote down everything we did and made it into a book. 

The authors also set up a where Tristi tracks her progress as she pays down her bills. As Tristi says, "It’s totally real, I’m making these changes every day, and it’s been a lot simpler than I thought it would be. It’s my hope that as women everywhere see that I did it, they’ll be inspired to take charge of their own finances as well."

Again, go to  www.milliondollardiva.com to watch Tristi as she makes the journey to become debt free.

The final part of the blurb sums it up well.

Imagine yourself living debt-free and building a million-dollar retirement safely and securely, so you can have total confidence in yourself and your future.

MILLION DOLLAR DIVA receives 10 GOLD STARS from Writers Mirror for being a book that is real, and can change lives.

I am using it now myself. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm expecting big things from this unusual book.

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