Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IDENTITY ~ by Betsy Love

Betsy Love
 (How can you not love Betsy's enthusiasm for life . . . or is it the snow?")

Betsy Love recently published her first book, IDENTITY. Her second book will be out any moment now. Good on ya, Betsy!

Here is the blurb for IDENTITY.

While vacationing in Mexico, two similar-looking young women find themselves caught in a chain reaction of mistaken identities. Amelia is a wealthy heiress and business owner, and Savannah is a sweet Mormon girl deciding whether or not to serve a mission. When they end up on the same flight to Phoenix, Savannah and Amelia unravel the sequence of events that wreaked havoc on their trips, and they make plans to resolve the subsequent misunderstandings. But their flight is cut short when the plane crases, killing one of the young women and plunging the other into a world of intrigue and deceit where identity means everything.
What a tasty premise. You have two girls who look so much alike, they are mistaken for each other. Who didn't think about being a twin and switching places? How many fun tricks you could play? Then you have one who is wealthy, living a glamorous life, and the other one a Mormon, living a wonderful life full of love and family and all things truley important here on this earth. Add to it that you don't know which one survives the plane crash, plus, there is something dangerous going on and the young lady who survived could be in big trouble. Really, what's not to like about this story?

Going in with high expecations, I was not disapointed. IDENTITY delivers. 

Writers Mirror gives IDENTITY 10 Stars.

Published by Walnut Springs, IDENTITY is available at Deseret Book and other fine stores.

You can visit Betsy Love at www.sweetbetsylove.blogspot.com


  1. Loved this book, both hubby and I. Great read.

  2. The idea of trading your problems and troubles for someone else whose life seems easy and glamorous is always intriguing. The grass is greener on the other side . . . or is it?

  3. Thanks, ladies! I've always been fascinated with mistaken identities.

  4. Congrats on all your success with the book, Betsy!


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