Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lolly's Yarn by Anna Arnett

This is the delightful Anna Arnett. At the ripe young age of 86, she is still a Spring Chick. She has more energy than most 25 year old's I know. I hope to grow up just like her.

Anna just published her first book, a clever and humorous memoir called Lolly's Yarn. Anna shares her story meeting the love of her life, Charles and their years together. Their time in Japan was particularly entertaining. Spend a few minutes with Anna and you can't miss the twinkle in her eye. Anna Arnett is a rare person of exceptional humor and intelligence.

Last Spring, Anna and I and our writing coach drove to Santa Fe, New Mexico together. Anna is great company on trips. The tales she tells are a slice of life. She writes with the same candor.

Anna says this is only the first of several memoires. You go Anna!

Lolly's Yarn is available at Amazon.com

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