Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Writer ~ Anna del C. Dye

Anna del C. Dye is the author of The Silent Warrior Trilogy, a high fantasy saga loved by many. She enjoys helping other authors with reviews and with tips of how to promote their work. A native of Chile, she doesn’t let the fact that English is her second language slow down her vivid imagination. She loves everything medieval, ruins, romantic music, live plays, sewing, and camping. Most of all she loves her beloved husband who is responsible for her becoming an author. Now enter the fantasy world of Anna del C. Dye…

CRW:  Welcome to Writers Mirror Anna.  What inspires you to write?

Anna:  What doesn’t? as my husband put it. My own life lessons and some amazing people I know.

CRW:  Do you try to write daily, and if so, do you set a goal of a certain number of words?

Anna:  No, since my first book was published I spend a minimum of 8 hours a day promoting my work. I write when I can.

CRW:  Wow! Eight hours a day promoting. That is amazing.  So I am afraid to ask my next question, but here goes anyway.  What gets in your way of writing?

Anna:  Promoting, it takes a lot of my time. It is a horrible monster but a very necessary one.

CRW:  How do you get past it?

Anna:  No quite there yet… if that’s possible? We do go camping and that helps with the writing. No internet, no door bell, no church meetings, no phone, no kids, you get the point.

CRW: Sounds like you are very dedicated and realize many of the sacrifices a writer makes. What makes you CRAZY about writing?

Anna:  Being interrupted by the phone or dinner when I am most inspired.

CRW:  How long does it take you to complete a book?

Anna:  Set it to the computer from beginning to end… about three months. To have it ready for publication take about two years. Except my last one, I started nine months ago and it’s not finished yet.

CRW:  Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Anna:  Many places. Tolkien inspired my YA Elf Series. My Princess Series, a YA medieval romance series, is inspired by many things.
          After I watched the musical Aida I wrote “A Kingdom by the Sea.” After I met a young elder who looked like he was made out of gold I wrote, “The Golden Princess.” I visited Disney World in Florida a couple of times and wrote “Princess Magnolia.” They have beautiful Magnolia trees there and I chose flower names for her ladies-in-waiting.

CRW:  Where do you get your character’s names?

Anna:  Invent them, mostly on the spur of the moment. Many come to me with the story. I have been complimented by my fans for the names of my characters many times.

CRW:  What is your favorite writing food?

Anna:  Grapes, they are easy to grab and pop into your mouth before is time for the next idea and have low calories.

CRW:  Why are you a writer?

Anna:  I have tooooo much imagination and my husband said I better use it in books before I drive him insane. Love the stories… and love him, too.

CRW:  Glad you added the last few words. Wise woman. Who do you hope reads your work?

Anna:  Teens in trouble, anyone who need a boost of self-esteem or a reason to believe in themselves.

CRW:  What would be the best complement you could receive from a fan?

Anna:  That my books have inspired them to change their lives for the better.

CRW:  What is the topic of the project you are currently working on?

Anna:  “Curse of the Elfs.” The first elf book after the trilogy is undergoing the last revisions right now. Its underlying theme is trust. It will be published next year.

CRW:  Please tell us more about it.

Anna:  The book starts with war threatening in the southlands and the elfs go to help mankind rid themselves of this menace. By the time they are done with the threat the elfs have lost many of their kind, including their beloved commander and his mankind wife. (It is a rare case in which an elf has chosen a mankind woman for his eternal companion.) It continues nineteen years later when the elfs discover a new threat to their race, this time more powerful than a war. They are under the spell of a dead wizard and have been dying slowly for the past twenty years. The elfs are baffled for they are great healers; notwithstanding this fact, they can’t figure out what is killing them. Once they identify the cause of the problem, they know what to do. Their only hope of a cure is in the form of a man whom they not only have to find but also know nothing about, except that he is a servant to royalties. To find him before their gentle and beautiful race disappears is their desperate quest.

CRW:  Sounds fabulous. Where can our readers go to buy your books?

Anna:  My website

CRW:  Here are three of Anna's books now available.

"The Silent Warrior Trilogy"

CRW:  Thank you Anna for sharing this with us.

Anna:  It was my pleasure.


  1. It looks great Cindy. Thanks, it was fun to be part of your interviews.

  2. Thanks Anna. I would like to learn more about the things you do to promote your book.

  3. So fun to get to know you better, Anna!


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