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Wednesday Writer ~ Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

Author Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen was born and raised in Rexburg, Idaho, received her Associates Degree in English from Ricks College and studied writing at Weber State University and Utah State University. Her first article was published in a 1994 magazine, and she has since published numerous articles and short stories in print and online mediums. Her first mystery novel, MISSING, was published in 2009, and her second novel, TRAPPED, will be available in stores next month.

CRW: Welcome, Ronda, to Writers Mirror. It is a pleasure to have you be the Wednesday Writer today on Writers Mirror.

Ronda: Thanks, Cindy. I’ve been looking forward to this moment.

CRW: Please tell us when you first began to write?

Ronda: I’ve been “writing” since the 6th grade, but my first published article came out in a 1994 magazine.

CRW: What inspires you to write?

Ronda: The hunger to write, no matter what. But I also have a strong desire to write books that “lift” my readers. Too few people realize how important their goodness is to this world.

CRW: Do you try to write daily, and if so, do you set a goal of a certain number of words?

Ronda: I try to write 5-6 days a week. I usually try to write as much as I can within the time I have. Sometimes that time involves research and planning, so it’s hard to plan a number of words. Not an excuse, I promise. Just the way it is for me at this point in my career.

CRW: What gets in your way of writing?

Ronda: Any and all other responsibilities. Honestly, the desire to write is so strong in me that I have to make myself do other things. I do better, however, if my schedule allows me to write in the morning. That way I don’t feel as guilty the rest of the day about not writing.

CRW: How do you get past it?

Ronda: If I’m having a crazy busy day, then I try to AT LEAST write down ideas or even a sentence or two on my WIP.

CRW: What makes you CRAZY about writing? Both crazy good and crazy bad.

Ronda: By crazy do you mean obsessed? I think I am a bit obsessed about writing which brings the good and bad that goes with that “condition.” But you know, it wasn’t until “MISSING” came out and I began
to have overwhelmed moments piled on top of overwhelmed moments (mostly related to promotion) that I actually thought “Why am I doing this?” The thought didn’t last long, though.

CRW: Where is the weirdest place you have worked on a writing project?

Ronda: My husband’s apartment in China. I don’t consider my car during my kids’ soccer practices as weird, because I think that kind of thing is becoming the norm among mom-writers.

CRW: How long does it take you to complete a book?

Ronda: “MISSING” took 3 years because it was my first and I had a huge learning curve. I also extensively rewrote it three or more times. “TRAPPED” took 1 ½ years. I’m hoping my 3rd will take me less than that. Experience helps a lot.

CRW: Where do you get your ideas for your books?

Ronda: To me, ideas are everywhere, just floating around us, waiting for someone to snatch them up. For instance, my first novel, “MISSING,” came from a man/child exchange I saw in a parking lot. “TRAPPED” was the union of two vivid dreams. The book I’m working on now has bits and pieces from a few shows I saw on the History Channel.

CRW: Where do you get your character’s names?

Ronda: I usually have an idea of who my characters are, so I go through Baby Name books and find those that mean something similar to my characters. I then work with those names until I find one that feels right.

CRW: What is your favorite writing food?

Ronda” If I’m under stress, I gravitate to chocolate.

CRW: What do you do when you get writer’s block?

Ronda: I’m rarely blocked in the sense that I can’t think of anything to write. When I get stuck in a scene or something, though, I read, brainstorm, research—just anything along that line that might “show” me what to do next.

CRW: Tell us about your upcoming book “Trapped."

Ronda: Like my first novel, “MISSING,” “TRAPPED” is a romantic suspense novel. However, it’s different than anything else I’ve ever written because it includes a hint of paranormal fantasy—no ghosts, though. “TRAPPED” was originally scheduled to come out later this year, but my publisher pushed it up to April. That makes two novels for me within 6 months. Whew!

CRW: Who is your publisher?

Ronda: Walnut Springs Press.

CRW: Please give us your best “Elevator Pitch” for "Trapped."

Ronda: When Emi Warrin, a sheltered, twenty-three-year-old Florida girl, wakens to find a thief in her room, she has no idea that the "trap" he left behind will eventually lead her and the man she loves to the Austrian Alps. Nor does she know that she's the powerful Firstborn. She's destined to face a world of betrayal and pagan sacrifice to save herself, her family, and the generations who come after her.

CRW: Please tell us more about "Missing."

Ronda: “MISSING” is an LDS novel about a BYU-Idaho student who’s on a choir tour in British Columbia when she spots a kidnapped child from her own hometown in Rexburg, Idaho. The story is the hunt to save the girl and includes a bit of romance with a handsome musician along the way

CRW: Where can Writers Mirror Readers purchase your novels?

Ronda: “TRAPPED” hasn’t been released yet, but I believe it will be available in the same places you find “MISSING.” “MISSING” is available online at,, and other retailers. It’s also in Deseret Book and independent bookstores where LDS books are sold. You can find direct links to it on my website at

CRW: Okay, now here is the toughie. Why are you a writer?

Ronda: Actually, that’s easy. I’m a writer because that’s what I do. It’s who I am. If I don’t write, I feel like my day Isn’t quite complete.

CRW: What would be the best complement you could receive from a reader?

Ronda: These are two of my favorite responses: ‘I couldn’t put it down!’ and ‘You made me cry.’ But you know, if I’m hearing from someone face-to-face, I also love the excited look in their eyes when they ask me when my next book is coming out.

CRW: Where can we read more about you or contact you, such as website or blog sites?

Ronda: My website is I also have two main blogs I write for. One is about writing related topics on The other contains information about my travels as well as serious articles I’ve written for

CRW: Thank you for sharing this with us on Writers Mirror.

Ronda: Anytime, Cindy. It’s been fun!

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