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Book Review ~ "Summer in Paris" by Michele Ashman Bell

SUMMER IN PARIS by Michele Ashman Bell

      "I declared bankruptcy this morning. We've lost everything." Kenzie's father took a breath and continued. "We have thirty days to auction off our belongings and move out of the house."
      Kenzie's mouth dropped open with disbelief. "Bankrupt," she whispered. That one word had the power to reduce her life from chauffeurs and credit cards to nothing.
     "While we sort this out," her father continued, "we've made arrangements for you to stay with your aunt and uncle in Paris."
     Paris. That wouldn't be so bad.
     But wait . . . her uncle didn't live in Europe. He lived in Idaho.

Reading this blurb on the back of the book had me thinking two things. This Kenzie is a spoiled brat, and the book is going to be full of situations that will humble her to the point of becoming a nice and likable person.
I was right on both accounts. The personal growth arc that Bell creates for her main character is well done.

At first I had little sympathy for Kenzie. I felt like saying, "Oh waaaahh." Kenzie just seemed like a girl with a silver spoon and the world owes her a living mentality. Bell soon changed that image by giving glimpses into Kenzie that proved that she really was a nice kid with bad things happening to her. Bell dug deep into the character and created a well rounded young lady that rose to the occasion.  My respect grew for the socialite as the story progressed.

One of my favorite characters was Rambo, aka Adam. He is about as perfect as a guy can be even though he has been kicked out of the social stratosphere for a horrible crime he was accused of, but not convicted. He brought a breath of fresh air into the town, and the story. He also seemed to bring the best out in Kenzie.

Bell fleshes out the surrounding characters by creating firm images complete with, mannerisms, and personalities.

Kenzie was given the farm chore of gathering eggs from the hens. Bell did a great job making it seem real and added humor to the situation. Readers will experience it right along with Kenzie.

I got a little confused when Kenzie turned her nose up at oatmeal for breakfast because of her strict diet as a ballerina, yet ate shakes and french fries without batting an eye. I chocked it up to the fact that she must be allowing herself the full experience of living a new and different life.

"Summer in Paris" is a fun read about coming of age and a little romance twisted throughout. Bell throws in a good mystery to keep you turning the pages. I recommend the book to read while lounging on a hammock in Paris, Idaho or France. Your own back yard will actually do just fine.

"Summer in Paris" is another quality book published by Valor Publishing Group LLC.

    Michele Ashman Bell

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  1. Cindy,
    What a fun review! You nailed so many of the intentional elements, and put a spotlight on some of my favorite parts of the story. I appreciate your insight and spot on assessment. A hammock sounds heavenly!
    Hope I can return the favor!


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